Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Double T-Virus Belt

I mentioned in my post about the T-Virus belt that I thought it would be possible to weave a second row of knots along the outside. Well, that's exactly what I did:
I added an extra prong to the buckle.
The triange tie-off came out quite well.
The inside has a more "ordered" look.

Basically I wove the regular T-Virus sinnet from fusion knots, and then ran a second row of knots along each side. Rather than pull the entire cord through each of the outer knots, I tried to save time by pulling out the white cord out from the center, leaving me with two knotted "arms" of the light blue cord. This allowed me to pull the "arms" through the loops in the knots in the dark blue cord (OK, if you have no idea what I'm talking about then it might help to watch the instructional video so you understand how the knots are made). I then pushed the white cord back through the knots in the light blue cord using Perma Lok lacing needle.

This may have saved time, but it was fiddly and I had to be careful not to let the knots in the light blue cord unravel while I was working. I think just doing it the long way might be easier in the future.

I was able to modify the "triangle tie-off" to work with six strands, and the luckily the end turned out quite neat. I took the prong from one belt buckle and added it to another to create a mid-sized two-pronged buckle, which seemed more suitable to me, though in truth a regular buckle should work just find as the central strands take most of the strain anyway.

I really like how it came out; the colours work well (I used a brighter blue than the last time) and it's a great pattern, I just wish I'd had a nicer buckle to use. It does take significantly more than twice as long to make as the regular T-Virus though, so I don't know if I'll be making any more any time soon.

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