Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A Good Place To Start A New Set

I painted this guy up real quick; I really just wanted to test the base to see if I liked it enough to use it for the entire range. What I realised as I was finishing him was that the Mousers are actually some of the Turtles' first enemies (after the Foot anyway), appearing in the second issue of the original comic series as part of the story line where the Turtles meet April for the first time.

OK, sure, by that logic it would have been more appropriate to paint up a Foot ninja first, but this looked easier. Look, you try coming up with interesting titles and introductions for every model you paint OK?

Anyway, the base was made using grey ProCreate and GreenStuffWorld's textured rolling pins. The bricks have a very layered texture which I assume is a result of CNC milling the pins. I thought the texture was excessive so I sanded most of it off the base, but there's enough left at the edges of the bricks to make them interesting.

The model is just Leadbelcher, washed with Nuln Oil, drybrushed with Leadbelcher, then edge-highlighted with Chainmail. He looks a little too rough; I'm thinking I should have used a more targeted wash rather than slathering undiluted Nuln Oil all over the model. The eye is Iyandan Darksun, with Sunburst Yellow on the dot (and blended towards the dot), then a spot of pure Skull White, followed by a Sunburst Yellow drybrush.

The base was painted Skrag Brown, drybrushed Blazing Orange, then washed with undiluted Devlan Mud (again, I might have applied it too heavily). I tried to use a bit of Ogryn Flesh to pick out individual bricks for variety, but it didn't make any difference. I applied a bit of heavily watered Camo Green between some of the bricks, then darkened it a bit with some Antonian Camoshade; the idea was to make it look more like a sewer and less like a sidewalk.

I named this model Bitey, after a pet cat. His full name was Bitey Whitey, because of his pure white fur and because he loved to bite and scratch me for fun.