Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 End Of Year Report


Old Resolutions
Forget making progress, I think I actually regressed.

1. Develop a good routine
Haha, nope.

2. Keep my cool
I might be doing a bit better lately I suppose.

3. Read more useful stuff
I bought some books but didn't read them. Bleh.

New Resolutions
Let's try something a little different. I think I've narrowed down a lot of my problems lately to not focusing fully on the task at hand, and on... well, procrastinating I suppose. I seem to have fallen into a mindset that makes it very difficult to start big jobs, so instead I just kill time reading webcomics or playing Overwatch (usually spending more time on them than the job would have taken itself). A contributing factor is probably lack of energy, which I attribute to poor physical fitness.

1. Remember to break problems down
I think I've been having issues because problems and tasks are starting to feel "too big". So I really need to consciously focus on breaking them down to small chunks and only worry about one chunk at a time.

2. Center myself regularly
I've been thinking about trying to apply a "scrum method" my everyday life: that is, every morning I should take a few minutes to clear my mind and decide what my priorities are for the day, and similarly when I first get to work I should clear my head and decide on what the main one or two tasks for the day are. I shouldn't worry about too many things at once, and only start thinking about other jobs when the first ones are done. Similarly, when a job is done I should sit and clear my head then think about the next one. Basically I need to regularly center myself and regain my focus.

3. Exercise more
Need to work it in to daily life somehow.

4. Eat better
I've been slacking off when it comes to making sure my diet is healthy.

Well, obviously there's far more that I think I need to do, but let's keep things simple and avoid getting overwhelmed for now. Maybe this year I'll actually get somewhere.