Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Final MkII Battle Calculator Release

I've finally gotten the MkII Battle Calculator to the point where it basically works for most normal situations. There's still a few special rules that it doesn't deal with (like Convergence force fields and Crit Shred)... that I know of, and probably a whole bunch that I haven't thought of, but it finally handles the five W's: Warcasters, Warlocks, Warriors, Warjacks, Warbeasts.

It also displays more information now, though not quite everything that I was originally thinking of. I initally planned to have it display the chance of both a Warjack's cortex and main weapon surviving, but I decided it wasn't worth the effort at this point, especially since it's a simple multiplication of the two numbers that it does give you.

I can't promise that it doesn't have any bugs (actually, I'd be pretty surprised if it didn't), so it might be a good idea not to put too much faith in it right now. I don't really have any ideas for how I could have made it more robust, but again it doesn't really matter since it'll be obsolete very soon.

Some things I would like to do for the next version:
  • Make it look nicer
  • Make the interface neater and more modular
  • Display the actual damage done by the attacker assuming infinite damage boxes on the defender (currently the simulation stops when the defender dies, so we don't actually know the total damage done; though you can basically figure it out for simple situations by creating a warrior with, like, a million damage boxes).
  • Allow simulation of multiple attackers (right now you can fake it for attackers with a single weapon profile by adding focus for each extra attacker). 
  • Comment the code better so that it's easier for others to read it and give me feedback.
  • Give more structured visual feedback / debug info to make it easier to catch bugs and check that everything is actually working the way it's supposed to.
  • Perhaps add some way of saving out the profiles, so you don't need to enter a model's full profile every time you want to run a simulation with it (not sure if I would be getting into some sticky I.P. territory here).

We'll see how it goes once I've had some time with MkIII.

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