Sunday, April 13, 2014

False economies

So I eventually managed to fix the sword after all. It probably took over three hours of trial and error in total. A replacement would have cost 50 cents off the PP website (there's some more stuff I want off there anyway so shipping doesn't really factor in to the price here); technically that was working well under the minimum wage. Initially I didn't want to wait any longer, but after fixing the sword and "dry fitting" it, I decided to glue it on after painting to make it easier. So that was a huge waste time overall. But I did get some practice with my new greenstuff tube tool thing, and there's a certain pride to knowing that it's another part of the model that I sculpted myself, so I don't really regret it.
Original (photo taken from

I've been trying to figure out a conversion for Karchev, the idea being something like a warjack with a pilot inside, but haven't been able to find a "seated pilot" model that I like. It's not something that google image search has an easy time staying "on topic" with. Still, I'll put something together eventually; Karchev sounds like a fun warcaster. I was re-reading his rules recently and I noticed something about "Tow", his signature spell: the wording says "friendly warjack", not "friendly Faction warjack". This got me thinking...

Thor uses his Drive to advance a Basher five inches, putting it two inches away from Karchev. Karchev activates, runs ten inches, turns around, and places the Basher in base contact - that's two inches between them plus the ten inch run, plus Karchev's base, plus the Basher's base, totaling sixteen inches. The Basher then activates and performs a slam power attack (for free, so no worries about how close it is to Thor), moving eight inches. It hits a warjack and slams it eight inches, then follows up. At this point it has moved a total of thirty seven inches in a single turn.

I think that's pretty epic. And kinda broken. I can't imagine the circumstances where this would actually happen or be something you would want to do, although the Basher can still use Flak Field after all that to hit everything within two inches, so that could be useful.

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