Friday, July 13, 2018

Custom Template Holder

By which I mean a custom holder for templates, not a holder for custom templates. Ah-hem. Anyway, I've been trying to minimize the number of individual transport receptacles that I have to carry with me when I go to games. This meant re-organising my gaming equipment a little bit. I found that safely storing multiple large acrylic templates can be a bit annoying, so I designed and 3D printed this template holder.

It holds up to four each of the old Advanced Deployment 3", 4" and 5" rings. I don't know if it will work with the newer Privateer Press ring templates, but I could always print a new one if this one doesn't fit.

It also has room for a few 40mm flag markers (it just about holds three 40mm flat-top bases) and 50mm objectives.

And finally you can top it all off with a standard PP blast template.

It didn't take too long to design, but the actual print took almost 6 hours at low quality. Also it seems I didn't quite get it right as the smaller templates are a tight fit; I might try to sand this one down a bit or print a new one that's a bit more generous.

I did consider trying to make it hold a spray template as well, but I felt that was overcomplicating it. I might try to design a "stackable" piece that hold MuseOnMinis' magnetized collapsing spray template, that could work. This one will do for now though.

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