Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014...

It's a couple hours from midnight and it's finally starting to sink in that another year is about to die... I mean... "pass". I'm strangely numb to the process; getting old I guess, and lately years have started to zoom by so quickly that they barely seem to register. Le sigh. Oh well, guess it's time for some hastily thought up new years resolutions.

1. Watch More Anime
An easy one to start with. Over the past few years I've been watching less anime and playing less videogames; I've been too busy with other things (coughwarhammermachinecough). But there's some anime queued up that I've wanted to watch for ages, so I'm going to try to make it happen. Playing more videogames on other hand might be a little too ambitious right now.

2. Exercise More Regularly
So for a few years now I've started every year with a half-hearted (and severly cliched) "get back in shape" resolution. Problem is I was never really in shape to begin with. So this time I'm breaking it down a bit more: the idea is simply to do some measure of exercise regularly, even if it's just 5 seconds of stretches. Hopefully when it's a solidly ingrained routine I can slowly start to try to make it useful somehow. This is especially important as I've been having back problems (I'm perpetually hunched over keyboards and painting tables these days; funny to think that anime is probably better for my back than Warmachine) so I need to strengthen my core.

3. Paint More Minis
Despite putting the lion's share of my free time into Warmachine this past year, I've only managed to paint a total of 4 models (I'm not counting the extra Warjack arms or four half-hour paintjobs I did for the benefit of some very young family members, but even so). Shocking really. There are legitimate reasons for this, but one of the big contributing factors is G.A.D.D.: Gamer Attention Deficit Disorder.

I have planned and even half-finished conversions that I came up with or even started two or even three or more years ago, just sitting around in various boxes waiting for the day I either finish them, throw them away, or die of old age. I actually have dozens of primed models waiting to be painted, some of which are conversions that I was very excited about at the time and still am, on occasion. But the reality is that I come up with new ideas and fall in love with new models at a MUCH faster pace than I paint.

So this year I will try not to jump from project to project without finishing, but restrict myself to a more limited set of works in progress and follow through until I finish. And I'll try to pull off quick paintjobs on large units, even if I have to resist the urge to try fancy tricks and they end up a little boring.

4. Post More Reviews
Yeah, I have like twenty half-written reviews sitting around waiting to be posted, some are close to two years old. Reviewer Attention Deficit Disorder? Or just a lack of time? To be honest I kinda get stuck trying to fit in everything I want to say (which is pretty much every goddamned details I can possibly think of, unfortunately) in a way that flows well, and end up putting half-finished reviews aside then watching or playing something new and forgetting about the old one.

Hmm, I like the sound of being R.A.D.D. more than being G.A.D.D.

5. Stick To A Routine
I have trouble sticking to good daily routine. This is nothing new, and this isn't my first attempt to do something about it. Well, if at first you don't succeed, try again, right? Or possibly re-evaluate and try something new? Meh, I think I'm getting better anyway, so I'm going to keep trying.

6. Be More Responsible With Money
So I guess I probably shouldn't be starting two new Warmachine armies and a Horde anytime soon then? And Infinity is probably off the table for a little while longer? Eh, we'll see.

Well, that's all that comes to mind. Contrary to my earlier "hastily thought up" comment, none of these are new ideas, just a re-affirmation of things that I've been trying to hold myself to for a while now (well, except for the anime one maybe). The new year is simply a good time to renew my efforts. Does that make these resolutions unambitious, focused and realistic, or overly optimistic? Honestly I can't tell anymore.

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