Thursday, May 8, 2014

Seasick Sanguinary Guard

I painted this model for a friend. I took it as an opportunity to experiment a bit, and the results are... interesting. I don't think it really suits the model, but painting gold this way might work for, say, an undead model or something like that.

I've nicknamed him "Seasick Steve" after the singer of the same name, simply because the name seems to fit. I was in a bit of a hurry to finish the model so I didn't spend as much time as I might otherwise have, but I think it still came out well except for the colour not really working for the model. Basically I painted it in normal golds and bronzes, then applied a green glaze, then drybrushed with gold. This turned out very greenish and not shaded enough, so I used Armypainter Quickshade strong tone on top of that, which reduced the green-ness by covering the deepest areas and generally adding a bit of brown.

The base was interesting; I was trying something new, the results are much more subtle than I expected, though still quite cool:

Basically after priming the model I stuck some little "battlefield rocks" on to match the rock that's part of the model's foot, then covered it all with a layer of Agrellan Earth. Once that had dried and cracked, I painted watered down orange into the cracks (it took several coats to get it to build up in some areas, seems it kept getting "wicked" into hidden hollows), then brushed on black, then drybrushed it with dark grey to avoid overpowering the orange. While the black looks quite flat and the orange isn't bright enough and the cracks are too small to be easily visible from more than a few inches away, it looks pretty good up close...

While I'm not satisfied with the model overall, I think it looks pretty good considering how much less time I spent on it than usual. It makes me feel that there is actually hope for me to paint a small army if I use a simple colour scheme and don't spend too much time on highlights, and use shortcuts like army painter. Maybe someday I actually will have a fully painted force on the table. Maybe. Hey, it could happen, right?

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