Thursday, June 27, 2013

Nine for Mortal Men Doomed to Die

It took a long time, I finally got around to painting this guy. He's one of the GW Ringwraiths, from back when they were metal and GW sold them separately. The model came with the mounted version, which I have sitting around somewhere, but I don't really like that model so it'll probably never get painted.

He's basically a bit of a rush job. I considered replacing the bent sword with a better looking one, but decided to just use it as part of an "old and decayed" theme suggested by his rather ragged robes. I gave all the steel a mild rust effect by drybrushing boltgun over a brown basecoat, and tried to apply verdigris to the brass by painting/washing it with turquoise.

I experimented a lot to try to find a way of shading the robes, putting together various mixes of black washes or paints with varnishes and medium, to apply over a grey base with a white highlight. That failed, and it just ended up almost completely black, so I threw on a drybrush and gave up.

I had been looking for something to do with the bird figure, which had come as part of a pack, I settled on using it with this mini because of it's nomad-like robes and the suitability of the pose. I tried to paint it up as a falcon by applying a pattern of white dots over the brown base, though the bleached bone drybrush I used to highlight the feathers makes the dots less obvious. The eyes are painted red, but they are so small and surrounded by brown that they don't really stand out. I used quickshade to shade the feathers as my initial attempt to use devlan mud failed spectacularly - it darkened the spots so much that they were completely invisible, I ended up stripping the paint from the falcon and starting again.

While the falcon looks alright to me, I am very unhappy with the rest of the figure. He looks boring and messy, and the black robes really don't work well with my standard black bases. The only reason I don't strip the paint and start again is because I have so little time and so many figures that I want to paint, that I'd rather have a mediocre painted model than spend more time with no guarantee that it will turn out much better.

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