Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy new year!

Well, another year has been lost forever. I guess I'm getting old, because I find it slightly depressing. Or perhaps what's depressing is how little I seem to care? I don't know.

Anyway, to mark this occasion, here's a screenshot of the latest version of my Blender plugin. I've just finished the latest function, which exports all the files for one model in one go. That's the model descriptor file (.agt), all the mesh files (.amt), all the material files (.ast), and the rig file (.art), as well as a new folder to hold them all, and it even copies any images used in the materials to the new folder.

So that makes the whole process much easier of course. It doesn't handle animations yet (which are still under development in the engine anyway), hopefully I'll be looking into that. The selection process is a little rigid (you have to select only the root mesh for a multi-part model, and also the rig for a rigged model), I plan to make it a little more forgiving later, but as it stands now it's fully functional and quite usable.

Also, is it just me, or is the number 2011 not pleasing? I don't know why, but 2010 just looks better. Perhaps it has more symmetry? Perhaps it's just what is symbolizes: over a decade since the New Millennium and almost no progress made in solving the Old Problems?

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