Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Quick update - Rolling Bones and Crimson Fists

So I've made some progress in my game engine. I've gotten the animation to a point that I can live with for the time being, though I will be changing some elements later. The problem now is getting the data. I considered trying to use existing formats, but for now I'm sticking to my own as I cannot find an existing format (supported by Blender) that I like. Instead I'm writing tools for exporting from Blender. I've written an exporter for my mesh format, though it doesn't export edges or vertex weights yet (coming soon!). I've written an exporter for the rig, but I don't understand what Blender is doing with it's matrices - the bones seem to be rolling or something, and my rigs are not exporting correctly. Anyway, I'm shelving my engine for a short time while I concentrate on Java, which I need for work. Hopefully I'll be able to pick it up again soon.

In the mean time, here a couple of Crimson Fists. I had some trouble with the transfers, but otherwise I'm happy with how they turned out. Their armor is much lighter than normal for Crimson Fists, but I prefer it as it looks better under normal room lighting. I settled on Crimson fists because I like blue for Space Marines, but Ultramarines are pretty much the standard, so I wanted something different (some people always have to be different...). I considered making my own chapter, but I couldn't think of anything special and I like the Crimson Fists colour scheme and backstory.

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